Public Entertainment Resolution Will Kill ELC.

I can only apologise for blogging about a political matter, but this does concern everyone who enjoys the vibrant free arts scene in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh City Council are proposing a change to licencing laws that will force community events such as visual arts exhibitions, music, dance and theatre events to apply and pay for a licence, even if those events are put on for free. Such a change would severely damage what ELC does, and possibly even ruin chances of us putting on future events.

I urge everyone to raise a stink about this. Write to your councillor, tweet about it, and tell people you know that this is happening.

As such there is a public meeting at Out of the Blue in Dalmeny Street tonight, tonight (Thurs 1st March), to discuss and oppose this. I urge you to attend and sign the petition and/or contact your councillor to express your opposition. In Glasgow 14,000 signed the petition and the council scrapped its plans to impose these measures.

Write to your councillor here:

Sign the petition:

Thanks for your time. Hopefully we’ll get some more events organised soon!


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